xtremuseology_October 2014 Meeting

“What is xtremuseology?”

Xtremuseology is a student-oriented initiative by the Centre for Museology, Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery at the University of Manchester that aims to encourage students to think critically about practices, behaviours and conventions of museums, galleries and other cultural and heritage environments.

“What does it involve?”

It involves participating in fun activities that aim to intervene with, enhance or disrupt and so reveal cultural conventions and their characteristics and boundaries. See the flashmob at the Whitworth Art Gallery that xtremuseologists did few years ago.

“Is this only for museum studies students?” No! Any University of Manchester (and beyond!) students are welcome to get xtremuseological!

“What am I expected to do?” Our motto is: “Turn up – have fun – share and reflect”! It’s as simple as that!

“Cool! How can I get involved?” Come to our Open Meeting on Wednesday 1st October 2014, 10am at the Cafe of the Manchester Science Park.  Also, you can follow xtremuseology on Twitter and Facebook

“Fab! Anything else that I need to know?” Yes, one more thing: xtremuseological events may be filmed/photographed and shared on social media, including this blog. If you participate in the events, we’ll assume that you are happy to be filmed.

“Who should I contact if I have any questions?”  You can email kostas.arvanitis@manchester.ac.uk (Programme Director, MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies, University of Manchester) or naomi.kashiwagi@manchester.ac.uk (Student Coordinator, Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery) or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter