By Daniella Carrington

From left to right: Nicholas, Ally, Gabriele, Ian, and myself interacting with Art at YSP.
Photo taken by a helpful passer-by.

A German, American, Italian, Brit, and Trini walked into a park, sounds like the making of a pub joke, but Nicholas, Ally, Gabriele, Ian, and myself, formed a group on a fieldtrip at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) for our Curating Art course. Our course tutor gave us a simple brief, to observe the space and just have fun! We planned a somewhat ambitious route to visit recommended highlights, an exhibition by Tony Cragg: A Rare Category of Objects, and explore as much of the 500-acre outdoor art gallery as possible. For most of us, it was the first time visiting, except for Ian, who became an unofficial guide.

From left to right: Gabriele, Nicholas, Ally, and Ian at YSP. Photo taken by Daniella Carrington.

Being out of the class, and literally in the field was the sort of experience we needed. Aside from general observations made, we questioned the park’s content, context, and aesthetic, all related to our fieldwork of course. The space also inspired reflections on our work for the MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies programme so far. We recalled our first fieldtrip to Oxford and subsequent visits to Liverpool, in and around Manchester, London and even Amsterdam. Sitting on a bench having lunch on a small hill overlooking the vast expanse of the park, we taken back by how much we covered.

Ally at YSP. Photo taken by Daniella Carrington.

For me, having spent most of my time on fieldtrips photographing my classmates looking and experiencing art galleries and museums, has been truly wonderful. Our visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park symbolises what the programme was like for me: fun, engaging, challenging (probably the academic equivalent of walking that park, lol), but most of all supportive, with awesome people by your side.

Gabriele blending in with Art being installed at the time of our fieldtrip at YSP. Photo taken by Daniella Carrington.
From left to right: Ian, Ally, Gabriele, and Nicholas at YSP. Photo taken by Daniella Carrington.