My name is Nicola, and for my work placement I was part of the team behind The Insight Film Festival – a festival which encourages filmmakers to present, explore, discuss and critique issues of faith and faithlessness in a modern setting. I worked mainly promoting the organisation’s Student Filmmaker Award, which this year received a record number of entries and some outstanding work from students across the UK. I was heavily involved with running the social media for the award and getting the news of this fantastic prize out to as many students as possible. The lucky winner – yet to be decided – receives a six week all expenses paid internship at our partner studio in Los Angeles. Definitely a prize worth winning and definitely well-deserved by our final winner. I can’t wait to see the film the judges select!

Poster for the event

During my work placement with The Insight Film Festival, I was also lucky enough to be able to organise this event with two of my fellow students, Ophelia and Isabella. We started by selecting which films to program, from the wealth of amazing short films submitted to the festival through the Curation Scheme. We selected six films, ranging from computer generated animation to live action, which showcased outstanding talent from young filmmakers from around the globe. The films we chose all fell in line with Festival’s aims of encouraging short films and filmmakers to discuss what ‘faith’ means in the modern world – whether that means faith in a religion, faith in relationships or faith in yourself. One of the festival’s key aims is to support and encourage young people to amek their voices’ heard through filmmaking and so we really wanted to stage an event run by young people, featuring young filmmakers. After the screening, I hosted a panel Q and A session with one of the filmmakers, a screen studies lecturer and a theology professor from the University of Manchester, which was daunting to say the least! Luckily it all went well and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – hopefully everyone in attendance enjoyed the evening and will be back to other Insight events in the future.

I really enjoyed my placement and look forward to continuing to work for the festival in whatever capacity I can after my MA Film Studies degree program is finished. Feel free to check out our website at for news and updates on upcoming screenings, educational events and more. And if you’re a current student and budding filmmaker, who knows? We could be whisking you off to Los Angeles next year!