My name is Bradley Pascall, and I am currently studying for my Film Studies MA at the University of Manchester.  This year I ran the Great Run’s Manchester 10k for Music Action International!

I have spent the last 6 months volunteering for Music Action International as part of a placement programme. During my time at the charity I have realised what a fantastic cause it is to raise money for!  I have assisted with admin around the office, purchasing new equipment, and more recently film editing for their many workshop videos on YouTube.  They are always looking at new and interesting ideas to engage with the public and are looking for more volunteers to help champion their cause.

Me taking part in some fundraising at KotN 2017!

After becoming Guardian Charity Award winners in 2016, the charity is growing rapidly. They aim to bring together people from war torn backgrounds and help them overcome trauma and anxiety through the power of music.  It also aims to raise awareness about refugees and human rights violations internationally, regularly working with local communities and schools to educate people and invite them to engage with others from different walks of life.

I’ve never done any fundraising before (or even ran 10k) so I’d appreciate all the support you guys have to offer.  I have combined this exercise with some bucket collection I did at this year’s King of The North gaming festival, where I successfully raised £20 for the charity.  This time I will be aiming to raise £120 – I believe with the help of my friends and family both in Telford and Manchester this is easily achievable.  I definitely never thought I would get experience doing this from a Film degree!  I am very excited to have the opportunity to get involved and I’ve been enjoying thinking of new ways to raise money for this great charity… running round the lovely Manchester was the obvious choice.

I’ve been raising money through regular social media posts and it would be a massive help if you could like and share this page on Facebook!  Feel free to donate however much you can afford, but if you donate more than £8 I will compose for you an individually tailored thank you song!  The charity believes that music is the key to bringing people together, and so I feel that it is appropriate that this is how to promote my campaign.

Sponsor me and help MAI raise awareness about refugees, survivors of war and human rights issues internationally.  By funding them you will help develop their three main musical groups:  Harmonise, Stone Flowers and Singing for Health.

For more information about what they do in each group visit