During my masters Art Gallery and Museum Studies, I applied for the placement at the Gallery Oldham. Gallery Oldham is a free-to-view public art gallery in the Cultural Quarter of central Oldham in Greater Manchester who is very friendly and open to all. During my placement, I gained professional knowledge and working experiences in order to prepare for my future career. I worked closely with the Exhibition and Collections Co-Ordinator on social history department and the Collection Assistant of the Gallery. And as a result, I benefit a lot from this highly rewarding experience.

An exciting new project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund is underway at Gallery Oldham. This project will see a brand new Arts & Heritage Centre connected to the existing Gallery Oldham building, as well as a new offsite store developed to bring all of the collections together into one resource center. During my placement, I contribute to all aspects of the work preparing for the move with the social history collection team. Work included cataloguing of collections, repacking objects and ongoing digitization.

During the process, I gained knowledge about the Gallery’s social history collection and got to know many objects. I also have a chance to help with the new exhibitions at the Gallery and engaged in behind the scene works. Through researching various objects, I gained deeper knowledge on the links between objects and Oldham’s history. This also allowed me to learn more about Oldham as a place with rich stories.

It was also very pleasant to work with the gallery’ staff as everyone in the team are nice, friendly and open minded. Thanks to their help and guidance, I learned transferable skills in collection management that will contribute to my future career.

Gallery Oldham
Gallery Oldham (Photo: Zhenwen Liu)