Primavera Sound is arguably one of the best music festivals in Europe, with its eclectic line-ups full of critically acclaimed bands which successfully mixes music legends and up and coming musicians and its location on the bay of Barcelona. However, it seems that not many people know that it is accompanied by PrimaveraPro, a conference focused on music and the music industry. Agencia, a charity in which I completed my placement, is responsible for programming a part of the conference. In practice it meant that it invited a number of affiliated music industry professionals to deliver talks about current issues in the music business. It was particularly interesting from my point of view, as it connected my interests in music, writing and more academic interests in arts and events management.

During the placement one of my main tasks was to liaise with the conference speakers and to help to oversee the technical organisation of the part of PrimaveraPro programmed by Agencia. I had an opportunity to liaise with artists such as Simon Raymonde, former member of Cocteau Twins, hip hop artist Rodney P and experimental songwriter Pictish Trail as well as other professionals involved in the music industry such as music journalists. My duties while working on PrimaveraPro included managing the travel arrangements and accommodation but also preparing a booklet about the festival with information about the programme but also about the city.

It was a valuable experience to help with such an interesting event. Looking at the titles of the discussion panels gave the idea of current issues and future trends in the music industry. One of the most interesting ideas were the so-called mentoring sessions during which it is possible to book 10 minutes with an experienced music industry professional and have a short conversation about one’s objectives and path of professional development. It was particularly interesting to see that Agencia’s guests were all eager to get involved in such initiative and share their advice with other people. Overall, the whole conference was a good example of collaboration between artists, culture professionals and cultural institutions. It showed other, more music industry-related, side of Agencia’s activity. It also made me think about getting more involved in delivery of events of this kind in the future.

Even though it seems to be designed for high profile music industry professionals, everyone involved in the music or cultural sector can register and buy basic accreditation to see the discussion panels, talks and take part in the workshops. People who think about career in the music world should perhaps take a note of the possibility to take part in the conference for a future reference. PrimaveraPro takes place in Museum of Contemporary Arts Barcelona and seems to be interesting option to spend the daytime during the festival.