Institute for Cultural Practices

University of Manchester


The Institute for Cultural Practices (ICP) at the University of Manchester provides a platform for innovative research, postgraduate teaching and professional development which engages with cultural producers and organisations in Greater Manchester and beyond.

This blog, maintained by ICP staff and students, reflects on the ICP’s research and teaching.

Daniella Carrington

daniella-carringtonDaniella Carrington is currently a full-time student of the MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies programme, at the University of Manchester. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, with a background is in Visual Arts and Arts Management, Daniella works as a Cultural Officer at the Culture Division. Since joining the Division in 2012, it has afforded her experience in exhibition management, visual branding and professional development, allowing her to meet and interact with creative practitioners from around the world through cultural exchanges and collaborations. The highlight for her, would have been representing her country at the 9th China International Folk Arts Festival in 2013, mounting a pop-up exhibition on the Evolution of the Steelpan, to complement the traveling performances of the National Steel Symphony Orchestra and other cultural performers. The amazing people she works with at the Division and in the Culture Sector, have inspired and supported her desire to learn about museums. Her interests are in understanding museum practice as it relates to issues of representation, and oral histories. She also enjoys photography as a form of documentation and artistic practice. Daniella aspires to make valuable contributions wherever she can, because she believes her mother’s mantra, that, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Jessica Lynn Fowler

jessica-fowlerJessica Lynn Fowler is a Museum Studies MA postgraduate with the University of Manchester, Centre for Museology. Jessica relocated from Oahu, Hawaii where she worked with the Honolulu Museum of Art’s outreach education department as well as serving as a contracted historian with the United States Department of Defense, WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument Pearl Harbor, and Pacific Aviation Museum, facilitating educational and special events programming, partnering with the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA. Jessica’s current research interests concern contemporary museum restitution controversies surrounding the systematic looting of artworks and objects by the Nazi regime during World War II.


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